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Monday, August 23, 2004

An Englishwoman in New York

Here I am at an Internet cafe in Greenwich Village. We have just been wandering round looking at sights like the narrowest house in NYC (nine and a half feet) where the poet Edna St.Vincent Millay lived, also Douglas Fairbanks and Cary Grant.

We drank iced coffee in a lovely little bar called the Speckled Trout, which claimed to cater for Anglers and Writers. Off to Bloomsbury USA and Penguin tomorrow and, now that my cell phone is working, I am much happier.

Rhiannon and I, after a visit to the amazing Toys R Us on Times Square, are thinking of writing a book together, starting from the merchandise and working backwards!

This afternoon I am going to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, even though last night's weather forecast said today would be the only fine day. I don't believe them and I want to start on the many sights to be seen.

Maybe my next post will be from Boston?