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Tuesday, February 15, 2005


Those of you who don't like cats or who have never loved an animal, read no further.

A nightlight is burning in my study window in vigil for my little cat Kichri, whose picture you see on the website. I buried her this morning outside the French windows, next to her mother, who went three years ago. Kichri was eighteen and a half and was ill for a week and a half at the end.

We are now without a cat for the first time for thirty years. We shall wait till at least July, then get two Burmese kittens.

This weekend was spent moving a daughter from one flat to another in London and bringing excess baggage back here. There is now a large television halfway up our stairs waiting for us to feel strong enough to take it the rest of the way to her attic bedroom. i think the definition of an adult is one who doesn't keep anything at his or her parents' home any more. It took me a long time to reach that point.

Oldest daughter had a birthday last week on Chinese New Year and we took her and boyfriend to a Chinese meal. My fortune cookie said: "Next month your charisma will carry all before you" or words to that effect; I seem to have lost it. I meant to put it on my notice-board as an earnest that all the promotion being arranged would secure great acclaim for City of Flowers. Will it still work?