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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Final Big Brother

Because it was the Big Brother Final and I am never going to compromise myself by watching it again. (skip to the next entry if you were not sucked in like me.)

So, Pete won and we were all very happy because he was Jess's friend at Brighton and because he was the best choice. Only next day did we find out he had about 60% of the vote. I should have liked the wicked Richard to have come higher because his caustic wit was always funny - and he was the only person in the house who knew Machiavelli was a writer.

But what a nightmare was Nikki? I think she blew the last week, her interview with Davina and a possible furure with Pete. Quite some achievement. But I read on the Net (how sad am I?) that a psychologist thought she shouldn't have been on. Likewise Sam the transexual and one other - can't remember who but surprisingly not Shabaz or Lea.

I agree about Nikki though. By a bizarre coincidence, the murder of JonBonet Ramsay was back in the news the same day and the parallels were clear. This tiny creature with the body of a child (apart from an NHS boob job) had been taken over by a crudely sexualised 24-year-old, who could come out with deadpan phrases about things she had done with men that were worthy of the grotesque Russell Brand (see below)

And no-one who hates herself as much as Lea does should ever have been allowed to become an icon.


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