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Saturday, August 08, 2009

Tweet-tweets of a techno-mum.

I am at last a signed-up member of Twitter, where I am @MARYMHOFFMAN. I couldn't be @maryhoffman because someone had taken that label. Guess what her name was? So at least she had some excuse, unlike the person who took the User Name maryhoffman over on Facebook. She had a COMPLETELY different name, not even beginning with the same initials. I sent her a private message asking why she had chosen to use my name rather than hers but she didn't reply.

So I complained to Facebook, and much to my surprise, I am now allowed my own name!

Very confusing this cyberlife of mine.

I am going to blog about Tender Morsels as the Book Maven, over on

You might notice this is a slightly different address from the one I was using before; that's because my techno-daughter took me in hand and transferred all the past posts and comments over (the old address was confusing) and put an automatic redirect on. I had to do the links again by hand - all 20 of them.

But I joined Twitter all on my own and when I told same daughter, she offered to set up an automatic feed for my Tweets to appear in my Facebook status. "Done." I boasted. "And set them up to appear on the Book Maven blog too."

"Then I have nothing more to teach you, Young Jedi," said she. "You are officially a techno-mum"!

I am halfway through chapter 9 of the adult novel and it's really beginning to feel like a book. But the City of Ships final copyedits will come at the end of next week and pull me off it again.

I've seen all the episodes so far of the new season of Midsomer Murders - and they are hilarious! Two hours of very slow storytelling each Wednesday. Actually this week's was quite good and even a bit nasty, to vary the pace. Last week's I think was all cricket and the first one all golf but this was about art forgeries, varieties of pig and fly-fishing. Absolutely addictive and I love the theramin in the theme music.


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