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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Bird of Passage

I'm sitting in Heathrow airport with another hour till my flight to Toronto so thought why not update my web journal? It's shamefully long since my last entry.

Not that life has been uneventful. On the contrary. When I've not been away I've just been so busy. I didn't even post up about Lorenzo, the third and last Burmese kitten to be acquired. Though if I had, I should have entitled that post "My Blue Heaven". We went to Suffolk for a weekend and were given a choice of FOUR blue boys. Oh it was hard! I loved them all and would have taken any or all of them. Eventually he chose himself though and we'll collect him on 10th July.

His sisters Lonza (chocolate) and Lila (lilac tortie) are being collected on 1st and 2nd July respectively. Not long now - can't wait!

We came back from two weeks in Umbria on Saturday night. It wasn't QUITE as good a holiday as I'd hoped since the weather was often cold and wet - not what I expect of Italy at all. But I did lots of research for The Falconer's Knot, including two visits to Assisi and buying lots of books.

I came back to 55 fan e-mails most of which I have managed to answer. I'm going to have two very busy days at the ALOUD Children's Literary festival in Toronto, followed by two even busier at ALA in Chicago. And I'll meet a Canadian fan from the forum. That should be fun.

Ah well, I mustn't miss the flight after setting off in such good time. I'll blog-in next week with all the news of how it went.