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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Memory Lane

I've blogged about Remembrance Day and other memory-related things over at but here are some more personal ones. A visit from a dear friend from Germany, involving lots of chocolate, talking about his new dog (a whippet) and even watching a bit of the Two Towers in the extended director's version together. That's friendship.

Then on Sunday a visit from friends we have known since before we were married, though a link by marriage. They brought their middle son, who had himself got married in Mexico a few weeks ago. He is waiting for his wife to get her visa to come here. I remember when my wedding ring was that shiny.

I was in Cambridge overnight on Tuesday and made a little pilgrimage on Wednesday morning to St. Bene'ts church. We were married there by special licence nearly 37 years ago.

On Friday middle daughter arrived for a weekend of celebrating her and her father's birthdays. She was 30 on 2nd November but spent that week in Vienna with her partner. She was a deliberate Scorpio - my husband wanted another in the family. We were all gathered together, apart from youngest daughter, who is currently in Morocco. How intrepid they all are! They'll all be here, with partners, for Christmas.

I finished reading The Island of the Day Before at last, with little real pleasure. Am now reading Neil Gaiman's The Graveyard Book - much more fun.

Page proofs of City of Ships have gone off and Troubadour has been nominated for the Carnegie Medal and got a fabulous review in yesterday's Guardian. Chapter 18 of the adult book has been finished and I start 19 tomorrow. If I can waddle to my computer, after all the birthday feasting!

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