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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Publication moved

I've just found out that City of Flowers will now be published on 7th March and not 7th February. Apparently this will be better for sales but my fans are NOT going to be pleased. Still, I have no control over this.

Gradually things go back to normal after the US trip - perhaps I'll even manage to post my blog on Monday next week. But I wasn't here yesterday - up in London for a meeting of the Children's Writers and Illustrators Group (CWIG) of the Society of Authors. We were planning next year's conference in Oxford, "The Shock of the New". It's going to be good. There's a lot of activity forthcoming in the field of children's books.

Met with three fellow members of the SAS (Scattered Authors Society) for lunch at a pub in Gloucs. We were going to have a walk afterwards but it poured with rain so we just talked instead. Lots of plots floating around (literary I mean).

Have received an attachment from Iceland with the festival programme - in Icelandic! I hope it will soon follow in English. Otherwise I'll just have to find out what "Hægt er að panta fyrir hópa hjá Ingibjörgu í síma" means. I asked what the weather would be like and they said it was different every day. No change there then.

I wonder if I'll see the Northern Lights?


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