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Monday, October 25, 2004

Grammatically challenged

Since my last entry, I have been in hospital for a small operation on my foot so am now on crutches and have to keep the left leg elevated for two weeks. It gives me insight into Falco's condition although my pain isn't anything like his. I can of course write letters, use my laptop, as now (the wonders of wireless broadband!) and read and research for future books.

I have just corrected the page proofs of City of Flowers for what feels like the gazillionth time. My copy editor wants lots of "whom"s in places where a/ they are wrong or b/ would not have been used in the thoughts of one of the teenage characters. And even when they would be technically correct, they no longer sound good. I really think whom will have to go.

And this from me, who won't use "like" as a conjunction! But on the other hand they want me to say, " I don't recommend you taking part in the tournament" instead of "your", which it should be because "taking part" is a gerund.

The squirrels have all gone and their access hole has been blocked so no more families of scampering babies above our heads. I'm glad I coped with that while I was still mobile.

I wrote a tiny bit of the next novel for Bloomsbury while I was in hospital, so I have another week and a half to finish that sample chapter and send it off to my agent, together with a sample for another teenage novel, set here and now. But spooky.